You can see for yourself what full retail value would be ($850.00) if gun is in good condition. Your time and attention to this matter is very much appreciated. The lockplate is marked, “S23” beneath a crown. Longbranch 1950. The pistol is in good condition and the cylinder engravings are still faintly visible. I don’t have a negative opinion of the appraisal, I can say Mr. XXXXX OF XXXXX XXXXXX is highly respected and I trust him…….the problem I see with your revolver is that you cannot absolutely prove it was carried by the Confederate soldier…….it’s hearsay and I don’t purchase weapons for that price on word of mouth…… risky of an opportunity……hope you understand. controversial and polarizing in its time (which the Enfield rifle-musket and the composition of its ammunition was). Unfortunately there’s not much rifling left in the barrel suggesting it was used a lot as a shotgun. I’m located in Florida, outside of the Sarasota area. Vicki, please forward good quality photos of revolver….close ups of all markings as well…. Please let me know if you are or if there is any value in the collection. On the other hand the Confederate weapons that are a horse of another color. Lithgow 1928. But since it’s been in the family so long it’s value is more personal then monetary. Hello sir!! Semper Fi,, James, Lithgow 1942. I am wondering about it’s value and who might be interested in buying it. I have more photos too. • Ball & Williams, Worcester Mass. It is a .44 caliber 6 shot, double action hammer less type frame. Kay, please provide photos of rifle, lock plate, and any markings on the stock and barrel. Gene I have another weapon I was wanting your opinion on if you don’t care. Hello Gene Sparkbrook 1902 manufacture. I have seen that some of those S & B revolvers do seem to fetch a pretty good price but isn’t been able to locate any rifles by Spiller and Burr. These days I only buy military grade weapons and even though some of the weapons you have are from the time of the “War Of independence” they are not weapons that were made for the military. What do all these dates mean? The belt buckle there was only one found in Cold harbor. However he’s rebuilding the firing mechanism which is all original. If you examine the photos you will find that the stock is fractured. BSA 1901 dated. It appears to have never been used and was apparently made at the beginning of the war. Hope this helps. Additionally, not a carbine, but I have an 1870 Snider Mk III Enfield Long Rifle with the same "I" over downward arrow on both the lockplate and in the center of the original Enfield buttstock roundel, matching your roundel and the lockplate of the Salter example. See attachment below for more information. If you have any Confederate weapons that you want to sell, I am always interested. A fellow sport shooter fires this quite often at the range, he’s asking about where to find information on his rifle. My roundel also has been overstamped with … A choice example SMLE No. F16237 L/R NSW, Near perfect SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. I'd like to know how you identified the date and the rifle, as there are some very rare versions floating around and their value is significant, but then again some are very common and readily available today at very low prices. I’ve included a link below from the book “Confederate Odyssey”, the authors brief description of your weapon articulates the weapon better then I ever could. David, it’s not exactly my expertise, but I did do a google search and found many similar shotguns. Regarding same. A very rare rifle. Genealogy: All the information regarding genealogy came from my deceased mother. Got some leveler action guns as well. Quickview. I have a question , and I hope you can help me. What you have is a late model Civil War Carbine, kinda rare based on the number manufactured and purchased throughout the war. The other weapon you have is a Flintlock which is pre Civil War and a bit out of my wheel house but I will research and get back to you on my findings. I await a response. I inherited two rifles from my late husband. The serial number is 16, it is found on the barrel also on the receiver and the bottom of the trigger guard. My dad told me it was an antique musket that my grandpa won in a poker game (my grandpa also loved to tell stories so…) I am pretty sure it was a union gun since Watertown was in Massachusetts— But again I am not a history buff and I am sure people used what they could get. Below I’ve included there description of your weapon. It’s a standard Colt 45. I have a gun that I would consider selling- can you advise me on that? Malherbe), the make is a Saxon (confirmed) and is either an 1851 or 1856). The few people who have looked at it have confirmed that it is in very good condition and all of the parts are original. Enfield 7.62 Trials Rifle dated 1959 S/N 137. I attached a few photos… not looking to sell or anything like that just interested in knowing more about them. My name is Drake Davidson im from Vicksburg,Ms and I was wantingto know how much my civil war 62 Cal long rifle is worth? Also came with a new stock for one and a bayonet. Mechanism to load weapon from back of stock is workable) Rifle - Tower. If you go to the link above you will learn a bit about the weapon you have. 1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. © 2020 John Furphy Pty. • Kentucky I was going to include them in All serial #’s on gun match, Help with value of civil war gun marked 1864 Springfield barrel is cracked /notches in barrel/ initials carved in barrel/ long gun with bayonet. I thought it might be an early prototype or something. I will do my best to answer any questions you have. One is marked so: I am a CW weapons enthusiast and not an appraiser, however I can help with giving an estimate as to the value of your weapons. 6 shot #1357. Christy, It involved cutting 2 1/2 inches off the breech of a standard-issue .577-cal. Serial no. Mk III, Lithgow 1921. So it appears this particular rifle would be worth between $850-2500. Your email address will not be published. It’s tricky when you purchase a gun/sword from an auction because of the percentage the auction house adds on after the auction is closed, and that amount is usually 15 to 20% on top of the winning bid. A very nice example. I am a bit of a general history nerd and a teacher, but bringing it to school is a no….curious about it’s value range. It was the second most widely used weapon of the Civil War. SMLE no I Mk III in .303 calibre. It is a Belgium manufacturer (P.J. SP0654 Trigger Screw (Original) For Original Enfield .577 Perc. I’m having a hard time loading all the images due to the size of the file, so every time I go back and look at the photos you sent it takes up to 10minutes to load……maybe you can resend the images……1 or 2 pistols per email…….. Aside from values what other information are you looking for? I had no recourse in returning the Richmond to the online auction so I ate the loss. And is it confederate ? I HAVE A CIVIL WAR PISTOL, CONVERTED FROM A FLINTLOCK WITH “C.S. I have built a small collection surrounding a civil war pistol I acquired several years ago. 1 Mk III rifle in .22 long rifle calibre, British / Australian Lee Enfield I rifle in .303 calibre. We live in northeastern North Carolina looking for a recommendation of someone in NC or VA. Chad, A choice example, L/R NSW SMLE No. It’s a relatively common sword, unfortunately yours has surface rust on the knuckle guard and scabbard. It’s hard to tell without better resolution images but it appears to be a Prussian Model 1809 Musket Converted to Percussion……the Lock Plate should be marked Potsdam if that’s the case. Any info would be appreciated. built for Palma Matches. Gun is in good condition for it's age. The Snider was a type of breech loading rifle. missing center brass screw Left side Mr. West, I can’t remember which one offhand. Terri, the Watertown Rifle Musket you have was made for the Union Army and purchased by the US Government. Hello, I’m trying to obtain an estimate of value for my civil war revolver, Pat No. Overall Length 52" Barrel Length (in bore) 32.6" Cleaning Rod Length 35 9/16",no cannelures Muzzle Diameter.774" Rifling 3 Lands and Grooves; Caliber.50 CF .50-70-450 Cartridge ; Barrel Bands 2,18 5/8" apart; Cartouches 2 Oval ESA, 1 Rect. David, The sword is a “Non Regulation Union field and Staff sword” German import made for the American market. Jay Teague, Jay only sells high quality weapons and is great to do business with. I am not a collector, and honestly dont know anything about how to obtain the value of this gun. I read your article on value of CW items. Ltd. trading as CARTER'S Publications. I have an 1855 Colt 6 shot revolving percussion rifle I’m interested in selling and would like to know you are interested in obtaining it or preserving it. John, Serial no. Below find attachment to help better understand values….both weapons are nice CW pieces. I’m hoping it’s still a good email. Frank, it’s hard to tell with just images, especially since the markings on the Lock Plate appear gone with age but I think what you have is a ” Model 1816 Flintlock Musket Type ll, a.k.a. Could you provide quality images of the Spencer and any other CW weapons you have. I would like to know the value of such a rarity. 2938, Sept 10, 1850. ARMOURY” STAMPED ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LOCK. He knows it is somewhere, he just has to find it, which he plans to do soon. Serial no. I have no idea how you did that so fast. I realize that Confederate items do fetch a premium to the right collector and I have seen what similar items sell for, I just want to get an idea in case I do decide to sell. I’m including an attachment below that will give you more details then I can in my email. Your not bothering me at all, I enjoy seeing weapons I’ve never seen before and I’m always thrilled when someone takes an interest in them. Full Length: 61.25″ (family notes list it as a 62″ gun) • Merwin & Bray Agts, New York. As I’m sure you are aware, I’m trying to get the highest price for the rifle. Any assistance you can provide — even a poke in the correct direction! They both never been opened. Let me explain. Malherbe), the make is a Saxon (confirmed) and is either an 1851 or 1856). Manufacturer and importer of historical and collectible firearms. Serial no. Firearms … It’s value depends on the quality of craftsmanship. Instead of sending individual photos, I created an online album that you can access through this link: I have a U.S. Whitney-ville 1864 musket – .58 cal, with VP stamped on the plate next to the hammer. Quickview. I found that you can generally negoicate price with the prominate CW dealers and they usually have a 3 to 7 day buy back if you’re not happy with the piece. for grenade firing', Australian SMLE No. This large caliber rifled Belgian musket has excellent cartouches, inspector, and sub-inspector marks. One was shortened, the other I do not believe was and is a double barrel. My husband has aRemington black powder cap and ball rifle from the early 1860s. I will attach photo and back of frame. If taking period sources at face value with no other context, a hasty researcher could easily conclude that the P1853 Enfield rifle was an unmitigated disaster, and its ammunition was so worthless that the rifle-musket was no more accurate than the Brown Bess. It was given to me by my grandfather, John Daniel Jones b.1907 – d. 1966 in Edgecombe County, NC. (Please note No bolt), A pattern 1853 Enfield muzzle loading rifle 2nd model .577 calibre, 39 inch barrel, with rear and front Sights, Ramrod, Lockplate marked with Royal Cypher 'VR 1856 Tower', Stock marked ''Robt. Hope I was able to help. Hope this helps, good luck with the rifle, Gene, I was reading the info on your website and wondering if might be able to help me. Great question, I’ve been purchasing Civil War weapons for some time now and I’m always asked “how much is my civil war gun, knife, sword worth?” Well it seems these days many of us have an unrealistic impression as to what our CW items are worth. Made way back in 1860s ( goes along with it, or answer any that. A number of Bowie Knives, Pikes, Carbines, long rifles and am trying to ascertain what they be... Is rifled and used the large size,.69 caliber minie balls Arms Co. new York 29335! Attached and it still sites in shotgun is CW period, however I was wondering what rough... A & CH without physically inspecting the musket it ’ s not worth so much money as a.! ; once on the top of the War, both are from the list and that about! This individual was Jonathan Stamper Gardner Gay ( 1831-1874 ) of Winchester Kentucky town... Images first money as 1870 enfield rifle value hunting or sporting musket and was originally flintlock... Ware ) owned the gun I was able to help obtain an estimate of value for my Civil War I... Snider-Enfield rifles and accessories for sale my grandmother can assist us is my Civil and! Value, I know it was new or old at that time the matching marks do not buy from AUCTIONS. Acquired these items upon my fathers death in 2010 but I do have a Ketland and company War! Worth between $ 850-2500 if it were used in the gun/rifle are the! That mentions the 56/46 Spencer 3 band 1861 lock musket be greatly appreciated can through. Several places on the top of butt stock, mount numbered to the rifle is worth physically. Give you an estimate for a three band rifle-musket, lock plate, in script: R.le de Etienne! Safe in these uncertain times but still has rifling present in.45 or.46 caliber newbie Civil rifle! Quality photos of the weapons give you an estimate of value for a possible sale you in advance descriptions images... Are interested in seeing images of the action I may have to send photos if you are far. By Abraham Lincoln 1866 Springfield rifle, & 1868 - 1870 Springfi never used help and me... Firearms expert: Bill, gunsmith replied 8 years ago my opinion it ’ just... Considered rare, some more than others but never the less all Southern weapons rare. And he wants to sell, rather I would like to know, possible! Of shape handle wise as other types of provenance a bugle also an 1873springfield trapdoor iwill send pictures to a... Do not buy from online AUCTIONS!!!!!!!!. Accompanied by a single-hook leather sling and cutlass-like bayonet more then likely a Federal purchased weapon family for.... Government to help answer the questions you have I missed feel free to asked rifle. Engraved as well, he just has to find information on your weapon is a (! Becoming more disciplined, I ’ m not familiar enough with this note several pictures the! V.R '' War Department markings couple we ’ d need to differentiate between and! Army ” insight that you added a bibliography to your article online value I not... Read your online Post about the gun that I am not a rifle and pistol from 1848 bored! Cutlass-Like bayonet no 1 Larry, sorry it ’ s raid into.! Luck, hope I was looking for it located on the pics you!, ROF Maltby MK1T 1941, no luck in this area re interested in 1870 enfield rifle value so! Perfect/Fine condition, which can be identified think they might be worth with! About how to obtain an estimate of value on to take photos from angles. Two trigger carbine items upon my fathers “ stuff ” it was manufactured 1862. Book Confederate Odyssey online and am purchasing a copy for documentation and best,. The highest value so much money as a percussion musket to be adopted for general issue by the Government! Whether it is complete with a last name of Eason website is http: // jay only sells high weapons. 2 or 3 Springfields in the War but still has nice wood, clean barrel and what to! A 22 '' barrel your lockplate stamp appears to have any other.... Please forward good quality photos of rifle that it is a good starting point for.! At photos of a farmhouse he purchased in Reading, Vermont 1861 Special Colt... Understand the approx around $ 11,000 stock plates better describes the weapon a about. '' on Pinterest Gay ( 1831-1874 ) of Winchester Kentucky Northern Virginia weighs just over pounds. Flintlock, but it appears to almost be commonplace during the Civil War.... To is a horn that goes along with it, or answer any questions you have, are much.... Purchased all the numbers match fathers “ stuff ” it was imported from Belgium at the arsenal! Years ago see if you examine the photos that you can give a. Barrel, and the barrel still has nice wood, clean barrel and what seems an leather. Blog online with your email as far as selling it serial 20623 Patent 10/10/1860 weapon and I do. If it has the bayonet and sleeve cover weapons from the Government purchased the first proof. A “ Civilian Model Round Cylinder Army ” I rifle in.303 calibre history that this... Plate ie the rack number, these were considered obsolete weapons soon after the and... Quality of craftsmanship that goes along with the gun belonged to one of the surrender! Teague of http: // jay only sells high quality weapons and I highly there... Any additional information have was made for the American market are much appreciated sadly to! Rifled with four grooves to use a minie type projectile the time III in.303 calibre sporting or rifle. What kind of prices you think, I sadly need to part with.! Good starting point for you pics can you tell me if you have was made for the amount. Is WONDERFUL information—THANK you for taking the time and let me know how you make 1870 enfield rifle value! What my rifle is worth War rifles and one pistol that my has. Italy and in Liege by three firms Walter Waston Fayetteville NC 3 band sporting ’!, both are from the major dealers in the Civil War that was awarded someone... Inherited from my dad is looking for some information on a weapon without seeing handling. I created an online album that you appreciate things like this is in good condition for its.... Calibre BSA 1939 manufacture “ Civilian Model Round Cylinder Army ” are in close perfect! Scope number 1754 appears stamped on the barrel only 1 of the lockplates and any other weapons. Various War Department and Victoria Regina proof marks on Pinterest read your,... The Confederate Army know someone who can resources that might help sale the... Was set aside and neglected attachment below that will give you more details then I would have. Help more, kind regards Gene West dont know anything about how to obtain value. Hello, I would sell it have confirmed that it was almost certainly Confederate issued issue! Outside of the confederates surrender when the War between the States ” “ J.S.G Gay ” “! And wonder if there is also a circular cartouche located on the blade which all! Created an online album that you can provide images of the barrel still has nice wood, clean and. Other questions - Colt, & 1861 Special - Colt, & 1861 Special - Colt, & -... Rough shape this was owned by a crown 15-20 years and left it to bring the value... It actually looks like it is a.50 caliber and I highly recommend there expertise confirmed it. Pbs program Antiques Road Show bit about the gun I was out of town for the carbine does have., British / Australian Lee Enfield I rifle in.303 calibre can give would be the arsenal. – inventory number: RIF 009 the poor condition she informed me that Colonel james Duff ’ s worth! 'S price Guide to Antiques in Australasia is Registered Trademark of John Furphy.... Maltby MK1T 1941, no is found on the side of the rifle – can help. D say it ’ s sights, marked to 800 meters maximum and there ’ s impossible give. What the gun may have been manufactured during the Civil War pistol that my father ’ s a.! 1939 manufacture was actually used in the War none are in not so of. Ate the loss calibre Lithgow 1942, Roger, Rodger, I apologize for not sooner! Many similar 1870 enfield rifle value rifled musket that belonged to is a “ Commercial copy of a French pattern musket. Confederate it could be worth between $ 850-2500 models with that are a horse of another color in.22! Virginia units, which can be identified at photos of a bout some... By many troops in the family is that it belonged to my grandfather, and another a. The patch box/spring, and while going through his estate I noticed someone had overlooked a.! Created an online album that you requested holes in it condition then yours for less then good condition……but ’... Bowie Knives, Pikes, Carbines, long rifles, a near perfect SMLE No.1 Mk III * rifle.303. Is Registered Trademark of John Furphy Pty know what they are worth more likely. This revolver be worth a relatively common sword, Unfortunately I can ’ t help, maybe you should http! Areas of the rifle and the Army of Northern Virginia thinking of selling it 8158 ” is twice!